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Your contributions and support of the Duke Club is critical in its goal of supporting our nearly 500 student-athletes participating in 18 NCAA Division 1 sports. To say thank you, we created the Rootin’ Rewards program to provide exclusive opportunities, gear, and experiences only available to our Duke Club supporters!

Being a Duke Club supporter, you already do the things that get you rewarded – helping us with financial support, and engaging with fellow fans, and increasing awareness of the Duke Club. Helping us in the many ways you already support can earn you “bones” (points) which can be which can be redeemed at any point for exclusive rewards and incentives.

Signing up is easy, and all you have to do is use to submit and track your activity. Once you start earning “bones”, you will see your name on the leaderboard and you are on your way to earning awesome incentives!

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Rootin' Leaderboard

1.Daniel Dziuba
2.Scott Satchell
Williamsburg (Peninsula/Newport News)
3.Bob and Marian Ziemba
4.Barry Saadatmand
5.Justin Partlow
6.James W. Horne
7.Eric & Stephanie Bowlin
8.Zac Hittie
9.Jeremy T. Bullock
10.Mike Funkhouser
Northern Valley

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Bones? What do they get me?

See the graphic below for an overview of what you can receive with bones you earn. Each donor is encouraged to get engaged at a level they are comfortable with. No matter how engaged you are, we want to reward you for your effort in helping us with our goals. Other great prizes and opportunities will be added throughout the year.


How do I earn Bones?

Earn Bones via Fundraising

The most important way of supporting our student-athletes, is by financial support. By assisting the Duke Club in our fundraising efforts, you are personally influencing our student-athlete experience.

1 Bone
Current member, includes yourself
Share New Prospect
Provide Contact Information
Stewardship/Thank You Calls
5 calls = 1 bone

2 Bones
Spring 2016 Referral Bonus
For Spring 2016, pass along a lead to the Duke Club staff and earn double bones (2)! If the lead ends up taking a meeting with a staff member, we will add another 5!

5 Bones
Set-up meetings for Duke Club Staff
New Duke Club Money (Between $100-$999)
Add a new Duke Club member of at least $100 (less than $1000, includes yourself)
Spring 2016 Referral Meeting Bonus
For Spring 2016 referral from current members who accept a meeting with Duke Club staff members.

10 Bones
$1K+ New Money (Duke Club)
10 per every $1K, includes yourself
Serve as captain (per year)
Fundraising Campaign
Create/mobilize fundraising campaign in your region

Earn Bones via Engagement

One of the key ways to grow the Duke Club donor base and the JMU brand, is through engagement events. It is through these events that prospective donors can learn about JMU Athletics and how current donors reconnect with each other to show their JMU pride.

1 Bone
Bring a Guest
Utilize your tickets and parking passes for new prospects or new Duke Club members at games. Just let the Duke Club know you are bringing a guest or having them use your tickets. (1 Bone per event guest, 21+)
Duke Club Events
Attendance (1 bone per prospect with introduction to Duke Club Staff)
Regional Functions
Attendance (1 bone per person, includes yourself when you bring guests)
Social Media Post
From time to time we offer opportunities for those in Rootin' Rewards to use their digital influence to spread their JMU spirit! Use these bones when you help us by RT/Posting or sharing content on social media.

5 Bones
Donate items for Duke Club Events
Auctions, golf tournaments, etc. (items valued less than $250)
Event Volunteer/Committee Member

7 Bones
Madison Alumni Conference (MAC) Attendee
Attend the JMUAA Annual Madison Alumni Conference (MAC)

10 Bones
Be A Host
Host group lunch, office meeting, tailgate, pre-game function, watch party or other engagement event coordinated with Duke Club Staff.
Committee Chair for Event
Donate items for Duke Club Events
Items valued greater than $250
Event Chairperson
Promote DC/DC25 to incoming freshmen/parents
Through a coordinated effort with Duke Club Staff and the office of Parent Relations


Get More Involved

We know the “JMU Nation” stretches north to south and coast to coast! We also know that you’re influence on friends, family, and fellow fans is not restricted to your community and local region. As such, involvement in Rootin’ Rewards is truly a world-wide endeavor!

We do, however, have individuals who have stepped up to serve as “Captains”. These individuals work with us in their local communities to help engage with our fans and friends and earn a few extra bones along the way. They are here to help you and their contact information is below:


Jim Horne


Mike Norwood


Jeremy Bullock

Northern Valley

Mike Funkhouser


Geary Cox (The District)

Daniel Dziuba


Juliana Comer


Bob Barton (Coastal)

Cam Miller (Coastal)

Scott Satchell (Tidewater)
757-874-0099 / 919-909-8260

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